Chris - Vocals and Guitar

Raised by live music lovers, Chris was exposed to a wide variety of music at an early age. His professional music career began in Auburn, Alabama. He has since had the privilege of performing throughout the entire Southeastern US as well as Japan and South East Asia. When not on stage, he lives in Tampa, FL. Acoustic Page


Aidan - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Born and raised in Papillion, Nebraska, Aidan began playing guitar at the age of 9. At the age of 11 a video of him performing with rock band Steel Panther was seen over 100 million times on YouTube and other social media. In addition, Aidan has performed live on stage with SmashMouth and Drowning Pool. You may have also seen him rocking our National Anthem on the guitar at an NFL, NBA, MLB, or NASCAR event. Aidan moved to Atlanta in 2020. You can learn more about Aidan at

Mike - Lead Guitar and Vocals

West Georgia, born and raised. His music career began on banjo and drums. Cut his teeth down in Texas playing guitar, during the Red Dirt Movement. He has performed around the country and abroad. 

Will - Drums

Will grew up on brass instruments but picked up drumsticks in high school and is a self-taught drummer. Playing both brass and percussion in college at Georgia Tech, he’s been playing in a number of Atlanta-based bands all over the Southeast since 2005 and teaching private music lessons since 2010. Will’s diverse musical background and multi-instrumentalist background fills out Whiskey County’s rhythm section, guaranteed to get you on the dance floor with every song on the set list.

Mike - Bass

Mike, may be the newest member of Whiskey County, but he is no stranger to the five string bass. His musical influences are as eclectic and varied as can be, bringing a wide palette of knowledge and low end flavor to the band. When not at home in Temple, GA, he can be found in the pocket.